Audio System

Audio System Install

Rocksalt Bistro, Market Harborough

With their dining room audio system beginning to fail and crackle, Eddie at Rocksalt came to us seeking advice. After a brief chat and a few options listed we showed him some of our stocked systems and other items shown over at the Edifier online showroom. 

What they were after was some compact, attractive looking speakers to go up around the restaurant, to improve the dining experience, look discrete and give a clean, full sound. 

Audio system install for our friends over at Rocksalt Bistro

Our technicians at MH Tech Centre are experienced professionals with many years practice in setting up audio and hi-fi systems, with clients in nightclubs and bars, big Opus sound systems and music venue PA rigs and recording studios. 

For the bistro we installed four new speakers from the Edifier range, along with a bluetooth audio receiver in the bar for their Yamaha amp. Tweaked with some personal touches to the system configuration and sound levels we made sure the sound throughout the premises was excellent, clear and precise.   

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Audio System Install