Before and After

This PC came to us with a few issues, namely overheating problems causing unexpected shutdowns.

Our technician completed a full clean up. Removing tons of dust, then re-cabled the entire system to make use of the case ducting. The processor cooler was lifted and thermal compound reapplied to the processor and all system components checked over and assessed. Followed by a thorough cleanup and maintenance operation within the operating system. Once the main service had been completed some of our specific utility applications were installed to monitor and control the PC to keep it running better than ever.

We recommended further considerations; this system would work best with a better CPU cooling solution. The original AMD cooler barely up to the task of keeping that Vishera chip in check.

The next highly recommended upgrade suggested was to move to an SSD drive for the primary storage. The Operating System and those essential programs would run far faster on an SSD versus a Hard drive giving the entire PC a huge boost.

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