Gaming PC

Epic Gaming PC hand built to spec instore – MH Tech Centre 

Our Gaming PC builds are hand-crafted instore by our enthusiast technicians with an intense level of attention to detail.

We design our builds to be excellent from the ground up, with high quality components throughout, not just for the headline parts, but all parts consistently specified to work hand in hand for a greater outcome, better cooling and a better performing PC. 

All our builds are built from scratch and set up to be clean and clear from bloatware and junk and are thoroughly tested and benchmarked to be sure of great running.

Over the years we’ve built many systems, to cater for all budgets from the hundreds to the many thousands of pounds.

“May our frame rates be high, and our temperatures low”

We can set you up from low/mid-level on to as high-end as your wallet will allow! See our gallery for some of our previous builds! 

Also for that added peace of mind, after sale we stand by our systems and will be available for support and assistance if and when you need it. There’s no extra costs, we put our heart and soul in to each build, so it is without question that we want to keep them up where they belong. 

Built with future proofing in mind – ours is an ever evolving industry – when future games and new features come along which require more power and more juice from the beast we can upgrade your Gaming PC and bring it to new heights replacing components with higher performance versions, so to provide you with an experience that is continually enhancing.

  • RTX 40 series GPU
  • Corsair iCue RGB setups
  • MSI
  • Gigabyte Aorus
  • Asus ROG
  • AMD Ryzen™ 
  • Intel® Core™ 
  • Water cooling AIO or custom loop
  • NVMe Solid-State storage
  • Memory Upgrade/Replacement
  • RGB setup
  • Gaming Mouse and Gaming Keyboard
  • VR ready systems
  • Sim Rigs
  • Ultrawide screen
  • 4K Graphics
Gaming PC