Hi-Fi Service

Hi-Fi Service At MH Tech Centre

Hi-Fi systems are an essential part of life for many people – including us! 

Old or not so old systems we can repair and configure, replace old capacitors and belts and replace or repair speakers and cabinets. We’ve been fixing old Pioneer, Technics, Cambridge you name it, over the years might have seen it or something like it. It is a passion of ours to work on gorgeous old Hi Fi systems and keep them playing. 

We can also come to you for a home visit and collection if there’s something you’d rather be set up or checked over at home or your business address.

We also sell a small range of Edifier systems in store, but can supply a lot more with a few days turn around. Please come by and have a look and speak to us we’re always happy to chat Hi-Fi!

For more information or to speak with one of our technicians, please get in touch

  • Audio Repairs and sales
  • All Brands repaired
  • Quality Components 
  • Speakers
  • CD Players
  • Amplifiers
  • Record Decks
  •  System setup 
  • Belt replacement
  • Home Cinema
  • Audio Recording
  • Cassette tape to Digital transfer
  • Record to Digital transfer 
  • Old tracks recorded to MP3, AVI
Hi-Fi Service
Edifier Speakers