PC Repair

PC Repair

At MH Tech Centre we offer a complete range of computer repair, for Apple Mac or Windows PC, for home or business, from casual users up to enterprise and server racks. If your POS system is holding you back or your data server can’t keep up with the slack 

If you need Operating System or application troubleshooting or advice, or physical repairs to your machine, we’re here to help. 

For great PC repair, computer upgrade and advice on all your tech needs, MH Tech Centre are always on hand. We can sort internal issues, be it off-the-shelf bought PC or home DIY builds with cabling, overheating, power delivery problems – we’re your boys who can put it right, efficiently.

PC Maintenance and tune-up

Whatever the problem, big or small, we can have you back up and running in no time.

Our experienced technicians and computer hardware engineers are here to serve the needs of our local residents and business customers. For slow machines, troublesome workstations or a home PC that refuses to update – we can be your best IT friend and keep all your PC and tech devices performing.

  • All off-the-shelf Brands
  • PC service
  • PC repair
  • Mac Diagnostic Service
  • Mac Repair
  • Windows Diagnostic Service
  • Windows Repair
  • Internal components
  • Processor upgrade
  • Hard drive recovery
  • Hard drive to SSD upgrade
  • Memory Upgrade/Replacement
  • Power supply Upgrade/Replacement
  • Cable management 
  • Dust removal and System cleaning
  • 3 Month Warranty
PC Repair